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We live, garden, and hybridize daylilies within the city of Allentown. Our yard (slightly over ¼ acre) holds about 250 named cultivars, 250 seedlings selected for observation, and 4,000 – 6,000 unselected seedlings. We are usually Zone 6b and over-winter our daylilies without mulch. Peak bloom used to be June 30 – July 15, but sometimes shifts.

We primarily hybridize very early blooming tetraploids, large flowered complex-eyed and edged tetraploids, and complex-eyed and metallic-eyed diploids.

We emphasize early morning opening and extended bloom – folks with day jobs should see a nice garden in the morning and come home to daylilies which are still fresh and attractive. Our interest in patterned diploids shows in Megan’s  2015 FINE LAVENDER PORCELAIN, with its layered colors on pearly petals and its ultra-firm substance over an extended day;  LUNAR FLARE, with its dramatic lavender-and-cream midribs; and LIGHTS IN THE SHADOWS, with multi-layered cream patterns in its lavender eye, highlighting its pink petals. 

Megan’s obsession with breeding extra-early northern daylilies goes back to the 1980’s. The idea is to extend bloom season of daylily gardens into the last part of the iris season. She has introduced a number of extra-early and early cultivars. For reference, we count the boundary between “extra early” and “early” as being the first bloom of Stella de Oro, which is actually a few days earlier than the AHS week-count from midseason.

Most, though not all, of these E and EE bloomers have the EARLYBIRD prefix in the name. Very large, tall and pale EE daylilies have been offered for years. Megan recent early introductions include a finished a pleated yellow, EARLYBIRD BUTTER SCULPTURE, a pure baby pink, EARLYBIRD ROSALEE PINK, 2015 introduction EARLYBIRD GOLD CURRENCY, and 2014 introductions the purple-red EARLYBIRD CONCORD and pleated melon EARLYBIRD DAWN’S LIGHT.

As you can see on the “Extra Early Tet Seedlings” and “Early Tet Seedlings” pages, even more exciting additions to the early daylily season are on their way.


Between the small size of our yard and our city zoning restrictions, we can’t handle our own daylily sales. Our introductions are made through Manatawny Creek Farm in Oley, PA. Manatawny was founded in 1999 by Pete Misiazek, and sold to Tim and Michelle Glick when Pete re-retired (his first retirement being from the Navy) after the 2006 season.

Glick’s Manatawny Creek Farm is across the road from Glick Nursery and Greenhouse. In addition to our introductions (and future intros, lined out to increase), they have a large collection of northern-hardy daylilies from other hybridizers, including many Stout introductions. They also do both mail-order and computer-order sales.  Prices are listed on their webpage,  to avoid time lag discrepancies with our respective updates.

Their e-mail is info@manatawnycreekfarm.com .   IMPORTANT – WHEN SENDING EMAIL TO THEM, BE SURE TO PUT THE WORDS “MANATAWNY CREEK FARM” IN THE SUBJECT LINE – their ISP has a pretty aggressive spam filter.

As for ourselves, we welcome garden visitors, though we like a call first. Please be aware that the garden is totally non-smoking, since Megan has allergies.

Feel free to post comments on our featured pages that follow.

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