Past TET Intros


(Ron Skinner, registered 2005, intro 2007) H 30”, W 6” M Re Sev Tet. Seedling T00-014 (PUMPKIN PAPRIKASH X ALL FIRED UP). Not fragrant, bud count 14 on 3-way branching. Fertile both ways. Reblooms.


Burnt pumpkin orange with purplish burnt umber eye and gold edge above greenish yellow throat. The eye is hard to describe – it’s so intense that it almost glows. Ron’s been crossing CHOCOLATE FROSTING back and forth with PUMPKIN PAPRIKASH and seedlings from their line, with astonishing results.


(Megan Skinner, registered 2006, intro 2006) H 36”, W5” Extra-early, Re, Dor, Tet. Seedling T834BB (MAYFAIR SEASON X EARLYBIRD SUNSHINE), 25 buds on 4-way branching, fertile both ways. Reblooms.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABrick red-orange with burgundy halo above yellow throat. Like EARLYBIRD HORACE TREELEY, EARLYBIRD BRANCHED BRICKEY has good plant traits and useful genetics. It provides a good bridge to early daylily bloom outside the yellow-gold-orange spectrum.


(Megan Skinner, registered 2008, intro 2010) H 33”, W 7” Extra-early Dor Tet, bloom extended. Sdlg T02-056C (FRAGRANT NIGHT X EARLYBIRD SUNSHINE). Very fragrant, 26 buds on 4-way branching, fertile both ways. Reblooms.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEARLYBIRD CANARY is a clear yellow color with green tones.   Excellent substance accentuated by gentle grooves along the length of the petals.

OK, why on earth did I name a seven inch, hardy, vigorous, daylily after a tiny fragile bird?  William Allen High School’s colors were canary and blue, so our mascot was … yeah, a muscular, feisty canary!


(Megan Skinner, reg 2006, intro 2007) H35”, W6.25” Extra-early Re Dor Tet. Seedling T872 (EARLYBIRD SUNSHINE X ALEXANDRA) Not fragrant, bud count 25 on 3-way branching, fertile both ways. Good cold morning opener, though below 55F it sometimes recurves less than normal. Reblooms.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEARLYBIRD DISCO YELLOW is a clear intense yellow self, with strongly recurved shape and firm substance, slightly grooved and slightly ruffled petals, and a dramatic height just under 3 feet. EARLYBIRD DISCO YELLOW’s recurve shows the bright color from every angle in the garden, not just a front view. Note that the 6.25” width is measured net of the recurved – EDY has lots of petal surface. Like a 70’s disco ball, it makes a bright statement in the early daylily garden.



(Megan Skinner, registered 2009, intro 2010) H34”, W4.75” Early Re Dor Tet. Seedling T01-038 (GOLD FUTURES X FORESTLAKE POINT LACE) Fragrant, 25 buds on 3-way branching, bloom extended, fertile both ways. Reblooms.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEARLYBIRD GOLD BULLION has a gold self, and captures some of the good substance and ruffles from Fran Harding’s FORESTLAKE POINT LACE. It starts blooming around the same time as Stella De Oro, and reblooms reliably. It’s hardy and vigorous, holding up well to our zone 6 winters.


(Megan Skinner, registered 2006, intro 2006) H33” W4.5” Early RE Dor Tet. Seedling T00-036 (GOLD FUTURES X TRIAL BY FIRE) Fragrant, fertile both ways, good parent. Reblooms.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALike some of my other introductions from more than 5 years ago, they were tested in half-shade. The registered 14 bud count with 2 branches is superseded by grown-in-actual-sunshine bud counts of 29-30.

EARLYBIRD GOLD DOUBLOON is deep gold with gold-orange edge and ruffles. Its moderate petal grooves and round petals have bred forward into a next generation who are increasing for introduction.


(Megan Skinner, registered 2006, intro 2007) H24”, W5”, Extra-Early Re Dor Tet. Seedling T00-080 ((ESPERANZA x OMOMUKI) X GOLD FUTURES) not fragrant, but count 14 on 4 branches, fertile both ways. Reblooms.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEARLYBIRD GOLDEN HARBINGER inherits its extreme earliness from ESPERANZA, which typically blooms 3-5 weeks before STELLA DE ORO here in eastern Pennsylvania; its rebloom from both ESPERANZA and the Stella half of GOLD FUTURES; and a bit of size, better opening, and clearer color from OMOMUKI and the ADMIRAL’S BRAID half of GOLD FUTURES. A nice garden plant for the weeks before the daylilies really get going.


(Megan Skinner, registered 2009, intro 2010) w37”, H5.5” Early Re Dor Tet, 37”, 5.5” Seedling T01-067 (EARLYBIRD SUNSHINE X FORESTLAKE POINT LACE) Fragrant, bud count 31 on 4-way branching, fertile both ways. Reblooms.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEARLYBIRD HORACE TREELEY is, like Earlybird Branched Brickey, more of a breeding bridge plant than a garden ornament. It’s hardy and so vigorous that it rebloomed twice in its “cadet” year – summer 2, before the seedling bed was to be dug in year 3. In appearance it’s a nice dark yellow, but it’s not my most beautiful tall yellow early. However, it passes on its “groundhog” vigor, dormancy and rebloom to its seedlings, which makes it a good element in a northern early hybridizing program.


(Megan Skinner, registered 2006, intro 2007) Early Dor Tet, 31”, 6”, Seedling T918A (EARLYBIRD SUNSHINE X SHERRY LANE CARR) Fragrant, bud count 21 with 4-way branching. Medium-light lemon yellow with green throat and pale midribs.









 (Megan Skinner, registered 2008, intro 2009) 26”, 4.5” extra-early Re Sev Tet. Seedling T02-061A (GOLD FUTURES X LACE COOKIES). 14 buds on 3 branches, fertile both ways.   Reblooms.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALemon self with fairly wide petals, piecrust ruffled edges, and a small gold edge on the petals.





(Megan Skinner, registered 2006, intro 2009) H 28” W 5.5” Extra-Early Re Dor Tet 28” 5.5” Seedling T955 (FROST AVENUE X EARLYBIRD SUNSHINE) Fragrant, easily fertile both ways. Reblooms.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen I registered ELLP in 2006, most of our garden grew in mostly-shade, and I listed its bud count as 16 on 2-way branching. Now that it’s been growing in full sun, its bud count is 32 and its branching is 5-way. It sets pods vigorously, reblooms consistently, and increases well.

EARLYBIRD LEMON-LIME PARFAIT was my second major break in my search for excellent northern extra-early daylilies. I had already gotten EARLYBIRD SUNSHINE, which is Whatley’s CANDOR onto McEwan’s ESPERANZA. My two goals were to improve EARLYBIRD SUNSHINE’s form and continue to lighten the color to provide a parent for all the other colors I wanted. I chose another Whatley, FROST AVENUE, as the match. I attained exactly the plant I was trying for.

ELLP is a yellowish-looking cream with a large lime halo above a green throat. As a parent, it produces kids with clear tones of many colors. All have huge lemon-lime watermarks. The 2011 clear pink intro EARLYBIRD ROSALEE PINK is an EARLYBIRD LEMON-LIME seedling, and other ELLP kids and grandkids are in the pipeline.


(Megan Skinner, registered 2004, intro 2004) H36” W5”, Extra-early Re Dor Tet. Seedling T751 ((ESPERANZA x CANDOR) X EMILY JAYE) Fragrant, bud count 29 on 3-way branching. Orange-gold self, vigorous grower, avidly fertile. Reblooms.

EARLYBIRD ORANGEADEEARLYBIRD ORANGEADE is a brilliant springtime daylily “bush”, luminous in the sunlight. Here in eastern Pennsylvania (zone 6), it usually begins blooming in mid-May, while STELLA typically begins in mid-June. Rebloom keeps going as long as it gets enough rain. You won’t mistake EO for a modern daylily – it retained something the trumpet shape as well as its color and bloom season of its h Middendorffii ancestor, but for a month plus of delight before the regular daylilies show up, you can’t beat it.


(Megan Skinner, registered 2001, intro 2001) H36” W4.5” EE Re Dor Tet. Seedling T306 (ESPERANZA X CANDOR), not fragrant, bud count 23 on 4-way branching, fertile both ways Medium-light clear lemon yellow with slightly darker yellow throat. Rebloom is water-sensitive, but some gardens report growing it more than 10 weeks before it takes a break to resume at fall rebloom.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEARLYBIRD SUNSHINE, the ancestor of much of my Earlybird hybridizing program, is a cross of Whatley’s early cream CANDOR onto McEwan’s ESPERANZA, one of the earliest northern-hardy daylilies. ESPERANZA is a converted seed of (ELFIN X PLAYBOY); half of ELFIN is species daylily H. Middendorffii, so EARLYBIRD SUNSHINE is one eighth species!


(Ron Skinner, registered 2002, intro 2002) H32” W5.5” M Ev Tet, 32”, 5.5” seedling T645 (INSPIRED EDGE X ADMIRAL’S BRAID) not fragrant, bud count 24 on 3-way branching, EMO, extended bloom, fertile both ways.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA triple edge of mauve, lavender and yellow highlights this lavender-pink daylily with lavender and mauve band over yellow and green throat. FLEDGLING EDGLING is actually ¾ Admiral’s Braid, since Inspired Edge is (True Grit X Admiral’s Braid). This made it an excellent parent for complex edges and eyezones in the pink-to-lavender color range. Hardy to zone 6.


(Megan Skinner, registered 2002, intro 2002) H 18” W4” EE Re Ev Tet, 18” (tet STELLA DE ORO X ADMIRAL’S BRAID), fragrant, bud count 18-25 on two-way branching, easily pod fertile and pollen fertile if pollen collected at night. Extended nocturnal bloom.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALarger and a little bit lighter in color than SDO, with wider petals, flatter opening, and longer bloom day. Typically opens around 10PM, stays attractive 22 hours. Does fine here in zone 6, but although hardier than AB, it’s certainly less hard than SDO.

Although it blooms extra-early, I avoided using the EARLYBIRD prefix because I was trying to reserve that for full-size plants. Its introduced offspring include EARLYBIRD GOLD BULLION, EARLYBIRD GOLD DOUBLOON, and EARLYBIRD GOLDEN HARBINGER.


(Ron Skinner registered 2005, intro 2007) H26”, W5” M Sev Tet. Seedling T914 ((CUSTARD CANDY x CANDOR) X FLEDGLING EDGLING) Not fragrant, bud count in registration 14 on 2-way branching, actually around 22, Fertile both ways.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGOLD PRESSED LATINUM carries on the triple edge from FLEDGLING EDGLING. It is a rose-lavender bitone with plum and rose double band and a triple edge of rose, plum, and gold, all over a yellow throat.

Like Meg’s dip DABO GIRL, GOLD PRESSED LATINUM is a Star Trek Deep Space 9 name.


(Ron Skinner, registered 2006 intro 2007) H48” W 7.375”, Early, Dor Tet. Seedling ((MOKAN BUTTERFLY x (MOKAN BUTTERFLY x LUPINE)) X SACRED DRUMMER)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ron got this back in the 1990s by trying to get more complex eye patterns from the Mokan Butterfly line.   HERE’S LOOKING AT YOU KID does have a somewhat complex eye for its era, but what makes it distinctive is its height (4 feet) and earliness. It’s cream with a complex plum and light plum eye (including a couple of color layers on the sepals) and a thin plum edge. It also has essentially no branching. We considered naming it something “broomstick”.

Despite, or perhaps because of, its quirks, (hey, aren’t we all supposed to be looking for “distinctive”?) HLAYK makes a striking change in the early season from the sea of yellow, gold and orange that filled the gardens during that season back when Ron hybridized it.   Speaking of hybridizing, its pollen is sterile, but it can set pods – IF you gently knock the scape over. Apparently not enough sap gets to its ovule to ripen the seeds. Cheap, and fun.



(Ron Skinner registered 2005, intro 2005) H27” W4.5” M Dor Tet, 27”. Seedling T650 (BELLE EPOQUE X (HOLIDAY DELIGHT x CUSTARD CANDY)) not fragrant, bud count 17 on 3-way branching, fertile both ways. Yellow-gold blend with tangerine band above yellow-green throat.


(Ron Skinner, registered 2008, intro 2009) H32” W6” ML Sev Tet. Seedling T01-017 ((UPTOWN GIRL x ELEGANT CANDY) X ED BROWN) Not fragrant, 32 (registered) to 40 buds on 4-way branching, diurnal, fertile both ways.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAClear light pink with lighter midribs and sepals and a ¼” bubbly gold edge on petals. Watermark shades gold to melon above a green throat. An excellent parent for northern-hardy pinks with even wider spiky gold edges.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(Ron Skinner, registered 2005, intro 2007) H26”, W5”, Early Dor Tet. Seedling T816 (tet EXOTIC ECHO X MAGNIFICENT RAINBOW) Not fragrant, bud count 18 on 4-way branching, fertile both ways. Cream with layered raspberry, lavender, slate, and light plum patterned eye above green throat.


(Megan Skinner, registered 2010, intro 2011) H29” W4.875” Mid-late SEv Tet. Seedling A161 (SHERRY LANE CARR X DIVINE COMEDY).   21 buds on 3-way branching, fragrant, fertile both ways.


SUMMER SMILES is just that – a flower that stops everybody in the garden and makes them a bit happier. It wasn’t even a planned-out program cross – just one that “seemed like a good idea that morning”. It’s so much fun to live with!

Petals are wider than they are long (about 3 1/3”), and the bright red-orange flower is highlighted by wide yellow-gold mid-ribs extending from the yellow-gold throat, and thin yellow-gold edges. Very vigorous plant, and good pod-setter.

Skinner Daylilies