2012 – 2013 Intros



(Megan Skinner, registered 2012, intro 2012) H 33”, W 3.75”, Midseason, Dor Dip. Seedling B254 ((SHINING EYES × (BABY BLUES × PRISCILLA’S RAINBOW)) × (((ENCHANTER’S SPELL × SILOAM VIRGINIA HENSON) × BABY BLUES) × BROOKWOOD MAGNIFIQUE)) Nocturnal, fragrant, 21 buds on 3-way branching. Opens well, with its attractive recurved, even on cold mornings.

Lunar Flare features an unusual multicolored midrib flare extending from the throat to the recurve point on the petals. The midrib has an outline of dark to medium raspberry, but is filled in with the throat’s green, as far as the edge between the dark and medium tones of the eyezone. The rest of the inside of the midrib is clear lavender. Against the radially grooved cream-polychrome petals, dark and medium raspberry eyes and green throat, the midrib makes a dramatic sight.

This excellent garden plant multiplies quickly and is vigorous and hardy. It’s easily fertile both ways, but be sure to collect your pollen early — like many true nocturnals it ripens soon after sunrise.



(Megan Skinner, registered 2011, intro 2012) H 23”, W 3.75” (range 3.5” – 4”) Early Midseason Dor Dip. Nocturnal, extended and excellent cold morning opener. Bitone, Diamond dusted.


Seedling A112 (BLUE MOON RISING X (SHINING EYES x (LEMON OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASHADOWS x BABY BLUES))) Fragrant, bud count 18 on 3-way branching. It has very smooth diamond dusted lavender-pink petals, moderately ruffled, with the beginnings of a double edge. The light pink sepals are slightly ruffled with pale edges.

The eye is the wonder of LIGHTS IN THE SHADOWS. It is affected OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAby temperature, and the pattern’s complexity and shape changes with the cold or heat. It has multiple layers (usually 5-8) of gradations of lavender, slate and cream.   Cream inclusions usually appear – they can be either large thumbprints (usually plain but sometimes containing their own gray patterns), inverted hearts, or medium-sized chevrons.

LIGHTS IN THE SHADOWS is a great hybridizing tool for complex OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERApatterned eyes. We’ve crossed it onto most colors except yellow and orange, and onto sizes ranging from 2 ½” to 7”, and gotten a wide range of seedlings, most showing the distinctive patterning. See our seedling page. Fortunately, it’s easily fertile both ways.

Even if you don’t hybridize, LIGHTS IN THE SHADOWS is an OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAexcellent garden plant. It multiplies quickly, and is vigorous and hardy. Enjoy several images of its beautiful variety.



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